Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November

Show Opening Times: Saturday 9am-9pm & Sunday 9am-4pm

Bump In: Friday 8th November 8am – 6pm
Bump Out: Sunday 10th November 4pm

Any trader setting up prior to Bump In does so at their own risk. The Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Society cannot guarantee a committee member will be on site to assist if there is a problem, e.g. electricity or plumbing.

  1. The Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Society Inc. is not responsible for any loss of, damage to, or theft of any applicant’s property, whilst on the show grounds. All Applicants must carry their own insurance cover for loss of, damage to, or theft of any property, or otherwise be responsible. Patrolling security guards are employed, but this Society WILL NOT accept responsibility for any goods left in the trade area overnight and STRONGLY recommend removal of all stock and portable equipment.
  2. To guarantee a site, a completed Trade Space Application form must be returned to the Trade Supervisor, together with the appropriate fee and required supporting documentation, no later than 30th September. Applications received AFTER this time will be taken on a submission date basis.
  3. As all trade sites are located outdoors, operators MUST provide a suitable tent, which is not shabby or unsightly etc. and which provides adequate protection from the weather.
  4. All tent pegs, guy ropes and vehicles (where allowed) must be within your allocated site.
  5. All trade sites operate for show customers for two days and traders are expected to remain on-site for the duration of the show.
  6. Stands must be serviced by 9.00am on each day of the Show and manned for the advertised operating times. All vehicles not being used for display are to be removed to the public parking areas by 9.00am.
  7. Any lighting required for the inside tent/stand MUST BE PROVIDED by the stallholder.
  8. Sub-letting Stand Sites is definitely not allowed.
  9. All Stand Holders selling or giving away any form of edible foods or drink must be registered with Streatrader. A copy of your current registration must be forwarded with this application.
  10. As part of Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Society’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the Dandenong Show is a Waste Wise event. Vendors are to comply with the Waste Wise event guidelines – DAPS is encouraging all vendors and communities to reduce, reuse, recycle. (Reconsider the use of disposable plastics, i.e. coffee stirrers, plastic bags, plastic straws, cups and balloons)
    – All cardboard to be flattened and placed in cage
    – Use packaging that can be recycled/easily biodegradable
    – No polystyrene
    – Separate waste and recycling items and place in appropriate rubbish bins provided
  11. Stand Holders must work within their own Site and not proceed onto the road way.
  12. The Dandenong Valley Apex 40 Club has been appointed by the committee as having the sole distribution rights to Show Bags.
  13. Under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation State of Victoria, all electrical leads must be approved and tagged by an electrician and all gas bottles must be stamped, prior to use at Show.
  14. As we are an all-weather show no refunds will be given due to adverse weather conditions.
  15. Refund of application monies can only be given if cancellations are submitted in writing at least 2 weeks prior to show.
  16. These items are not allowed for sale, under any circumstances – Banned Items: Explicit and hard-core t-shirts; explicit DVD’s and videos; fake cigarettes; fuel type firelighters (Zippo); Iridescent hair spray; trumpets; knives (including pen knives), excluding appropriately packaged kitchenware sets; metal and wooden martial art nunchucks; laser pen lights and/or laser toys; playing cards(nude or lewd); Pressure Pak fart gas; Pressure Pak snow; Pressure Pak silly string; drug related goods (including cocaine kits, bongs, etc.); stink bombs; Water pistols longer than 150mm (6”); water bombs; Toy Guns are acceptable, however, the following are NOT allowed: Guns that are designed to project any form of object or projectile; pellet guns; ball bearing guns; replica guns (bullet type); pop downs (throw downs); 8 shot caps (caps only banned); strip caps (caps only banned); roll caps (caps only banned); fireworks or crackers.
  17. Applications received by email are subject to approval by the Supervisor.

Trade Supervisor – Ann Keys tradespace@dandyshow.com.au