How Sponsors Help Us Bring The Community Together

The Dandy Show, has a proud, long heritage and history. Established in 1872, it boasts a reputation of being one of the oldest and well-attended country fairs in the nation.

Put on by the non-profit organisation, Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Society, Inc., the event brings urban and rural communities together for not only for agricultural education, but also for entertainment, in an atmosphere that promotes traditional family values, camaraderie, volunteerism, and the strengthening of community spirit.

Our long history has shown that we have been successful in overcoming all imaginable forms of difficulties and adversities. This includes among many: financial difficulties, two world wars, and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Society has risen above these challenges, only bolstered by our resolve through generations to continue striving, thrive and in service to our community. Through all this, we will demonstrate that we are more than ready to come back with a bang for our 150th year.

We wouldn’t have been successful in mounting our annual festivities without the help of our dedicated and hard-working Council, our wonderful volunteers, exhibitors, and more importantly our sponsors.

Community sponsorship is a fabulous and spectacular way of fostering community engagement, and its strength lies in its community-based approach.

How Sponsorships Impact the Community

A lot of successful organisations understand the importance of sponsorships and giving back to the community in which they operate. Both large and small organisations, recognise their social responsibility to support the community and those living within them.

The sheer diversity of exhibits, displays, and activities at the Dandy Show provide an unrivalled opportunity for our sponsors to support relevant objectives and align their organisation to specific target audiences.

Examples of highly popular areas to sponsor include Equine classes, Livestock classes and feature areas such as Flower and Garden experience, and Farm discovery. The Dandy show remains a traditional agriculture show at its heart and provide an unrivalled opportunity for entertaining and exposure.

Not only will you help in contributing to the longevity of a time-honoured Society, but it is also a great way to raise your profile and promote your brand. Our sponsors directly contribute to causes and events that the community cares about. This includes our exhibitors, our guests and attendees, and the media.

By giving their support, our sponsors are also sending a message that they are behind a community endeavour that has lived and flourished through time.

Needless to say, a business or company that is behind the community gets favour from the community itself, and that generosity is reflected back positively.

Sponsorships are Mutually Beneficial for Businesses and the Community

It is a big plus to see businesses and corporations use their considerable financial and social power for good. By sponsoring positive social movements and activities, it shows that our sponsors are more than open to in showing their organisation’s human side.

The Dandy Show is an important annual event in any businesses marketing calendar. It shows and recognises your support for local farmers, producers and local businesses.

Not only can the local community benefit from the endeavours of the Society, through gaining access to resources they would have challenges gaining or otherwise, but you also display your company’s social values through the sponsorships you choose to endorse.  

Although the past two years have been particularly difficult, we have worked hard to re-organise to be able to present a full show, complete with all the trimmings for our exhibitors and show patrons.

Though it is not one of the more visible benefits to a company, but the generation of content for social media marketing campaigns is one of the best unspoken advantages for a business to participate in sponsorships.

Our Society President, John Follett, also extends his wholehearted thanks to all committees for their tireless effort and support through the difficulties brought about by COVID-19 and continue working together to present our 150th Show.

On Behalf of the Society

We thank all people who have been with us all these glorious 150 years. And we will continue with all our efforts, full steam ahead, to more years and more generations to come. We hope that you will join our proud family of fair partners in this endeavour and to help us preserve the beautiful fairgrounds for our future generations.

The Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Society, Inc., is a non-profit organisation. But is not a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation pursuant to Internal Revenue Service code and regulation, nor has it ever been. Any assistance you provide is therefore not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

For more information or to get involved, keep an eye on the Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Society, Inc. website and in for everything you need to know about how to enter, deadlines, rules and how to enjoy your weekend at The Dandy Show.

Remember, you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram pages for regular show updates.

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